About Us

In cooperation with Multivac – Germany, we developed and improved a new line of prepacked products using an advanced unique technology “MultiFresh” from to Lock in the freshness and superior taste on the shelf for our customers on to go and without any additives. We have obtained number of accredited international certificates, including ISO22000 and Halal certificates.
Our exceptional productive work and professional experience, have qualified us to expand our reach in the local and international markets to reach more than 12 countries, including the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Palestine, the United States of America, Canada and Australia, after all our products were subjected to strict examinations in all mentioned countries and proved their excellence.
In the dairy farm, we are proud to be part of healthy development of the communities we serve and strive to preserve the original authentic taste of traditional Arabic cheese by keeping our products healthy and clean, so that the children enjoy the same quality and taste that our grandparents enjoyed.
Established by Ahmad Barrak Shakaa, Mazraa Dairy Company has been in the business of Cheese & Dairy Production since 1994. Since then Our team has worked to insure the Freshness of Our supplied milk and highest quality ingredients, that maintain a rich, authentic and superior taste. Our products depend only on three simple ingredients (Fresh milk, Natural salt and microbial enzyme needed to make the cheese) completely free from any artificial additives or preservatives, by adopting the highest international quality standards to insure food safety & hygiene.
Thanks to the excellence of our products and services, Mazraa Dairy is one of the top cheese producers in the region and the number one producer in Jordan with a 65% market share locally in the bulk white cheese segment.